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Birth Story

          Everyone has a story but ours is my favourite.          In the early hours of Saturday, September 2nd, I woke up for one of my frequent trips to the bathroom. I'd become all too familiar with back pain over the months prior to this moment but I noticed something a little bit different. This pain was more of a central, constant, tightness in my lower back. I came back from the washroom and decided to try to stretch my back out on the bed beside a peacefully sleeping dad to be. As I was turning back over to try to fall back asleep and ignore the back pain, my water broke! ( 2:15AM ) Being 6 days past my due date, there was no mistaking what had just happened. I yelled to Ryan and he jumped up instantly. He followed me as I waddled to the washroom. I thought taking a shower before heading to the hospital would be a good idea but I didn't stay feeling fresh for very long. Slight contractions began shortly after I got out of the shower. I got dressed into one