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Slow Mornings

       I feel her pry my eyes open with her tiny fingers and abruptly yell “ MAMA! ” My alarm clock wears cute pyjamas. I’ll roll over & see it’s usually about 8 o’clock. I change her diaper and she’ll say “ POTTY ” as she tries to escape off of the side of our bed and heads for the little potty in the bathroom. Before even finishing her business, she’ll stick out her hand and demand she gets a chocolate. She’s so bossy but oh so innocent. I put a fresh ‘diapey’ on her bottom, zip back up her footy flannels and we’ll practically race Jack and Lucy downstairs. She always freezes at the top of the stairs and says “Up!” and no matter how full my hands are, I’ll always free up an arm to carry her down. I get it girl, I don’t like doing stairs in the morning(or ever) either. She’s predictable but so oh innocent.         Once we’re downstairs I’ll open the gate to let her into her zoo of toys and let the dogs outside. I’ll turn on the Keurig (easily the most valuable thing I own) and po